What is 10 x 10 + 10?

A hub for action items and education to restore habitat and preserve biodiversity.

Across the country, there are many grassroots projects that are transforming the landscape for pollinators.   Groups and individuals are well placed on the local level to identify what is needed and the best way concerned people in their communities can help.  10 x 10 + 10 is intended to help share their work, provide a common goal, and connect the dots between local activity and larger action projects.

10 x 10

Create 10’ x 10’ space for pollinators!

Find local groups for suggestions on plants ideal for your area.

Can’t find one?  Create one!  


Donate $10 to a regional habitat restoration project (we will provide donated funds to Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund and Appalachian Headwaters) or an organization recommended by your local group to help restore pollinator habitat.